Administration Services

Stephen Chelbay Company was formed in 1946 and was administering premium billing, eligibility, pension and claims processing until 1971 when it was legally required to form a separate corporation for plan administration. In 1971 United Administrative Services, Inc. was formed and received a Third Party Administrator’s Certificate. UAS has been a Third Party Administrator since 1971.

United Administrative Services performs full plan administration including but not limited to: account management, premium administration, claims payment of medical, dental, vision, life and long term disability, self funded plans, pension defined benefit and defined contribution plans, HIPAA and COBRA compliance and administration, Section 125 plans and flexible spending arrangements. We own our computer systems, maintain all hardware and maintain and create software for all of our systems.

We deliver as promised excellent, timely service to our clients, consultants and members. Our expertise is with groups in excess of 250 lives. As we currently handle plan administration for multi-employer plans with hour and/or dollar bank, premium, minimum funding, self funded and fully insured clients, we have the experience and technology to exceed administrative service requirements.

Our business objective is to provide the best possible service for our clients.

Proud to be celebrating over 65 years of excellent service!

  • UAS is a recognized leader in benefit plan administration
  • We paid our very first claim in 1947.  Although a lot has changed in the industry since, we have kept up with all legislative changes and popular funding methods.  In 1947, the majority of our clients were Self-Funded.  Most of our current clients Self-Fund at least some portion of their benefits. We have retained several clients for over 40 years.
  • In the face of today’s rising healthcare costs, many employers are returning to Self-Funding after being fully-insured because of the flexibility that Self-Funding offers.  All of our plans are customized to your needs.
  • Some clients Self-Fund all of their benefits while others self-fund some parts and fully insure others. We listen to what you need, and we provide you with the best options.
  • Our staff takes service to heart. All of our clients receive excellent customer service by caring staff members. During normal business hours, all members needing assistance can expect to speak directly with a person, not a voice activated system.
  • We have earned Preferred TPA status with several carriers as we remain a leading presence in benefit plan administration.
  • Full administration of employee benefit plans
  • Unique blend of skills and experience
  • Customized Plan Design
  • Risk management services
  • Excellent personalized service
  • United Administrative Services performs full plan administration.  This includes all of the above as well as many other components.    We will gladly offer assistance to set-up procedures as requested.
  • Reporting is one of our strongest offerings.  We encourage use of our standard reports, but we are also able to customize reports to meet the client’s needs.  We value knowledge, and we understand what an asset it can be to a client in designing or re-designing benefit plans. As such, we strive to provide all clients with any reports they may need. All financial statements are completely customized to each client.
  • We provide specific individuals to service each of our accounts.  You would have a dedicated unit in each of our departments.
  • All computer programming is completed by an in-house staff of system analysts and programming personnel employing state-of-the-art hardware.  Utilization of a fully-integrated data base is accomplished on an IBM I7 Series, which allows custom tailoring of all benefit plan administrative needs with a single on-line integrated system.  The system and all peripherals are owned by United Administrative Services.