Mission Statement

Maintain our continued focus on our clients and their needs, represented by our service to plan participants.

Conduct ongoing procedure reviews to maximize efficiency, including consistent internal reviews of claims processing.

Provide meaningful and flexible reporting on a timely basis through continuous system programming and hardware analysis thereby improving service and reducing costs.

Our Vision

As a leading Third Party Administrator of corporate, public and negotiated employee benefit plans, we will grow into new markets and uphold our core values—Knowledge, Accuracy, Care, and Quality—while serving each and every plan participant.

Our Values

Knowledge: We value training as an essential component of our profession. As such, we can remain at the forefront of constantly changing legislative requirements.

Accuracy: Our systems are tested and upgraded as necessary to ensure the most prompt and accurate reporting available.

Care: Our employees ensure that interactions are courteous.

Quality: For years we have served clients that produce quality goods and services, and we expect nothing less of ourselves.